Submitting Is My Life

submissive whore

I really can’t help being a submissive whore. It’s in my nature and there is really no other way for me to be. I live to be down on my knees for my Master until he tells me which hole he wants to put his big dick in. I never have a choice in the matter and honestly, I don’t want one. I am only here to serve my Master. It’s better for me that I don’t have a say in what happens because as my Master points out to me all the time, I would probably just make the wrong decision anyway. He tells me that whores like me are just holes to fuck and he’s right. That is all I am.
I really like it when my Master turns me into the ultimate submissive whore and invites all of his friends over to fuck me. They just pass me around and fuck all my holes – sometimes all three of them at the same time. I’m a living fuck doll for Master and anyone he loans me out to and that makes my whore heart happy. Do you want to be my over the phone Master? Call me. I’ll be waiting on my knees for you.

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