Milf phone sex

My master had a treat for me today. He bound a gagged me a put a huge plug in my asshole and left me like that for hours. I could barely breathe but the sensation from my asshole being stretched so far kept me awake and alert. When my master returned he had a friend with him and they took the plug out of my ass only to replace it with both of their cocks. They shoved both in my ass at once and thrust as best they could since I was squeezing both of their dicks together. My master pulled out and came around to my face. He removed my gag and fucked my throat while his buddy continued to plow my ass. I was only allowed to mumble thank you in between the choking on his cock and getting ass rammed. They then drenched me in their cum and left me there to soak in my sluttiness. He told me I had been a good servant whore and he would reward me later. I hope he feeds me his cock again.

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