Sweet Release

submissive whore pussyHe came home smelling of whiskey and looking like he hadn’t slept, showered or shaved all weekend. He looked at me locked in the cage where he left me Friday evening. I was tiered and hungry and covered in my own filth. I dared not open my mouth to ask any questions, I just hoped he was in a good mood and would finally let me out. To my relief he bent down and picked up the cage with me in it and carried me to the bathroom where he unlocked the door and told me to get cleaned up and to clean up my mess. Not looking at him I said “Yes master” and did as he asked as quickly as I could. When I got out of the bathroom I was told to cook him a meal and to make enough for myself. I would have to eat on the floor I knew, but I was so hungry and grateful! After we ate he showered and then he bent me over the couch and fucked his little slut good. I needed that and was glad he fell asleep so I could stretch out on the floor at the foot of his bed and sleep too!

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