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Extreme Bondage Porn Turned Me Into a Submissive Slut

Extreme Bondage Porn Turned Me Into a Submissive Slut

I became a sub slut after Master caught me watching extreme bondage porn. I was fucking my pussy with a dildo and cumming all over it, wishing I could be tied up and punished too. My mouth was gagged, and I was trying to be quiet, but he could hear me moaning and begging from the other room. He caught me and then asked if I wanted to be just like that girl, and I pumped my pussy and nodded. He grabbed a belt and two ties from his dresser and told me to hold my hands out together.

Master tied up my wrists and ankles and laid me on my stomach. He grabbed me by my hair and guided my head to the end of the bed, where his hard cock was waiting. My hands were tied up underneath me and I couldn’t stop his cock from force fucking my throat. All I could do was try not to choke and take his cock like a good little submissive slut. Tears were running down my cheeks and his spit coated cock was making a mess of my face.

extreme bondageMaster’s Cock Made Me Addicted to Bondage and Submission Sex

Master could see how needy my cunt was. I was rubbing my thighs together and trying my best to reach down and rub my clit. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was gasping for air when he got behind me. I couldn’t even catch my breathe. He forced my ass in the air, and my head back down into the bed. He gave my soaking cunt a few hard slaps.

Fuck. I needed to be fucked so bad. And Master made sure to give me everything that I needed. His cock rammed into me hard. My pussy sucked his cock inside immediately. My pussy was drenched and he fucked me so deep. I wanted to cum, but he made me beg for permission. My entire body shook when I was allowed to cum. I’ve been addicted to bondage submission ever since, and can’t cum unless I’m being tied up and treated like property.