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Submissive Whore Explores the New World of BDSM

submissive whore

This submissive whore has been auditioning potential new masters. My current master is old. He has not officially released me from our union, however, I want to be prepared when that day arrives. I am so vanilla as a submissive compared to the men of today. Every guy I have encountered has been into torture sex more than BDSM. I enjoy spanking, bondage and humiliation. I know as a submissive, I have no real say in what is done to me, so that is why I am being selective in who makes the short list of future masters. I love the BDSM lifestyle. Honestly, it is all I know; however, I do not want to be beaten and tortured daily. Does any woman? The men I have been encountering aren’t master material because they don’t know the principles of the lifestyle. They just like mistreating women and it stems from misogyny. A lifestyle master is about control and domination, not hate and violence. My master is looking for a suitable replacement too; perhaps one of his colleagues. In the meantime, I have my phone masters to help me explore the modern world of master and servant.  Plus, I have Tinder. I have encountered some fun men there. Far less violent than guys I meet on the underground circuit. My most recent Tinder hook up is into extreme humiliation with watersports. No scat thankfully, but if he wanted me to eat his shit I would. I do taste my own of course because he loves a good ass to mouth whore. Usually, though, he is pissing down my throat and holding my nose until I swallow every drop. He likes to write whore and fat on my body too and parade me outside with humiliating words written on me in red lipstick. I won’t lie, extreme humiliation gets my cunt wet as much as bare bottom spankings do. What is your ideal submissive relationship?