That’ll do, slave. That’ll do.

Submissive slutMaster has been so very pleased with me lately. He’s a new master to me, and has been enjoying how well I fill my position as his submissive slut! He called me one day and claimed me. He was so in love with how well I commanded my offspring. Finally, I didn’t have to stay the dominant one! BDSM phone sex with him really lets me be the submissive whore I was meant to be.

Master has me tie my huge, lactating tits, making them dribble and leak. They’re so rock hard and ready to be milked! After filling up a set of big bottles, master orders me to remove the pump, and place it on my clit. I come almost immediately, leaving a large wet spot under my cunt in the bed. But that’s not wet enough for him, he has me stand, squat and take a nice, long, hot piss just for him.

Like a good girl, I clean up every drop with my tongue. This whole time, master’s had me hold my biggest, fattest butt plug in my tight little ass. I’m only allowed to remove it if I must shit. But otherwise, it would bring dire consequences.

My little ones and myself are only allowed to run around the house if we are in nothing save our underwear and a top. A bra in my case. They do so very good licking my horny MILF pussy! Master says I need to hurry up and get pregnant again, so I can make him even more milk, and breed more cunt lickers to take care of me!

He’s such a kind master. I have to confess, sometimes I let him catch me calling him “Sir” instead of “master” just s I get extra spankings!

After all, anything master wants, master gets!

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