Bad Mommy

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I took my oldest daughter to a Halloween party this past weekend…she really wanted to go! She wanted to go because she knew it was an adult party, but I never mentioned that this party was all about hot sex toys that we would use on each other. I made her promise that if she went she would dress and act like a big girl even given her age. She agreed quickly but when we got there her tune started to change. She realized that there were way more guys than girls, they all had toys, ropes, and a hard cock. She started to act restless so I suggested she be the first one we all tried toys out on. She tried to protect but I promptly shoved a ball gag in her mouth and tied her up to shut her up. We started shocking her all over her body, using a vibrator on her cunt to get her moist. Soon she was soaking and a hand was stuffed inside her extremely hard pussy and she was screaming thru the gag in her mouth! Doesn’t she know that Halloween is all about the darkest desires? She sure did know soon enough!

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