The rougher the better!

Have you been looking for that perfect little dumb whore to use as your submissive slut? Well you have found a perfect girl who loves being treated like that slut I am, in whatever way you see fit. I am here to please those fucking balls and do whatever master says. I understand that my holes are going to get fucked really hard and I am going to fucking make myself gag on your cock till I fucking throw up. I like to be a good little fuck whore for you master. I want you to pound my holes so fucking hard they are all red and swollen after your done. That will remind me of what a fucking little cum slut deserves. I want you to make me yours and teach me how to please that cock and balls correctly so that I can be a good phone sex whore for you when you call master. I will learn and I promise I will never disappoint you, let me take care of you in every way. If I step out of line or don’t make that cock throb punish me any way you see fit. I can fucking smack my stupid face and tell you what a fucking slut I am. I will do whatever it takes to make master happy.Submissive phone sex

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