Tie me Down or String me Up

Bukkake phone sex

I have got a strong taste to be treated like a fucking whore. I have got the deepest urge to be fucked raw and hard like a fucking Tramp I love it when I’m treated like a bitch that no other man fucking respect. All of the guys even though they don’t respect me though they want to fuck me like a fucking garden hose hoe. And tonight I just want to fuck some hard dick let it go down my throat I just want to lose my entire mind let the guys go go go. I’m the bitch that can take it all I want every bit of in my mouth I want the balls I want the cock shaft I’m a nasty little fucking bitch that’s true. I need it I want it I cannot live without that big dick in my mouth and my ass and shoving so deeply in my cunt I’m a whore I hope you know so when you get started you don’t have to say. I just want you to fuck me all night long.

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