Tied Up And Fucked By My Son

submissive phone sex

My son came to visit me over the weekend. I have missed him as my Master. I live to serve and please him in all ways. I still have our room set up with the bed and all our restraints and toys. He wasted no time taking his submissive MILF slave to that room and tying my up, spread out on the bed and completely naked. He took clamps and placed them on my nipples, pulling on them until I cried out in pain. He smiled. Then he took a large butt plug and slowly shoved it into my ass. He loves watching my face as it goes it, the pain from the stretching causing my eyes to water. It felt so good once it was inside me. I love having my ass filled. He started licking my pussy and shoving an eight-inch dildo up my pussy. I begged him to let me cum and he kindly gave my me release.

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