Burn baby burn

My ass cheeks are on fire literally. I submitted to my master last night and he gave me some ass loving. He bent me over and tied me up so my ass was in the air. He then inserted a speculum into my tight asshole. He widened it so that I spread like a flower when he turned the notch. It made me so wet to feel my asshole splitting open and exposing my insides. After master had me open, exposed and ready to play, he lit a candle.

Submissive whore

He then slapped my ass a few times and asked me if I was a good girl today. I replied yes, sir and he started to pour wax on my ass cheeks. I wiggled from the pleasurable pain as it stung my skin like a thousand little red hot needles. He then asked if I wanted to cum, I begged to cum as he poured the rest of the wax onto my ass cheeks, including in my ass crack down to my pussy. I screamed and came so fucking hard. My ass still burns.

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