Tied Up and Used By My Coworkers

XXX bondage


I am being tied up and fucked by my coworkers and I can’t escape! It started when I was asked to stay late after work by my coworkers in order to finish a project. I did not want to, but have a hard time saying no. Once they got me alone, they held me down, tied me to a chair and now I am at their mercy. They won’t let me go unless I go along with everything that they say. They tell me to spread my legs so they can play with my clit and I must let them. They manage to lift my top up even with the restraints and now two of them are sucking on each of my tits. When they bring their cock to me to suck, I have to lick every inch of it and they will face fuck me until they come on my face. I even licked my coworker’s cunt and she rubbed her pussy on my face until she came. They are using me like a little fuck toy and I don’t know how long they will keep me here. Will anyone save me?

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