Submissive Whore“Now Dorthy, why don’t you click those heels together, see if they take you home?” He grins at me, an evil grin that I know too well. I can’t speak, he’s got a ball gag in my mouth. He takes the cane and slaps it against my skin. ”I said click your fucking feet together bitch.” I do as I am told, he wants to hurt me, humiliate me, I am just a submissive slut. My hands are tied above my head, and my feet are only able to touch the ground because of the only thing I am wearing, which is my heels. I struggle to click them together but this isn’t good enough for him. He slaps me in my face, grabbing my chin and asking me if I want to make it home or not. I nod, of course, I do, but he sees this as a challenge from me. I shouldn’t be able to say yes, I should be too weak to even reply. He takes my heels off of me, and begins digging them into my skin. Beating me with my shoes. Fucking my ass with the heel and torturing me in every way he can. He won’t let up and I am begging for mercy, but he has been looking for a submissive piece of shit like me.

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