Twisted neighbor

submissive whore

I moved in to a new apartment complex and instantly I realized my new neighbor was an oddball. The way he would stare at me gave me chills in the worst way. I also noticed he would happen to always be outside waiting for me. My neighbor knew my schedule like clock work. It was bizarre to me but became the norm to have him around trying to help out with my bags and try to invite himself into my apartment.

I had also seen my panties and nylons would go missing and he would be outside just staring at my place. I had a funny feeling I was dealing with a lunatic. I sent in an email to the landlord and was ready to move out by the end of the first month. All the things that were unfolding were happening rapidly. Had I known that the landlord had given my neighbor access to emails, keys of all the units I would of never been in this torture room.

The next day I was greeted by my twisted neighbor. He used chloroform on me and trapped me in his apartment. I was his submissive whore from now on. He was angered that I was trying to leave and wasn’t going to let me go. He erased the messages and decided to inflict so much fear in me that I wouldn’t leave. I was his fisting slut and I was only allowed to go out when he deemed it possible. I must of had a wicked attraction to being a slave because I followed all his commands. I made sure to pleasure him and take all the pain he was giving me.

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