Whatever You Like

Cock worshiping

If you think you have what it takes to dominate me then that is what I want from you. Call me your little whore, telling me to get on my knees and choke on your cock. Bring some friends over and gangbang me, filling up every one of my holes. You will have so much excitement and a rush when I am worshipping all of your cocks, begging you to let me taste your sweet milk. Six men circling around me and I am begging to taste every last cock and drop. When you see I am a good submissive slut you know it is time to shower my body and mouth with so much creme I look like a frosted donut. Oh yes, I want to lick it off of me, tasting every inch of my body. Last but not least you decide to tie me up, wrapping my arms down to my side, throwing me over the bed with my sloppy slut pussy, and tight asshole. You stick your cock inside my ass, letting out your golden waterfall. Cleaning every inch of my insides. You turn me around onto my back, tell me to open my mouth and stick your thick throbbing cock deep down my throat, releasing anything left in you. That is when you leave me like the little slut I am. Making me figure out how the hell I am going to get out of here. I am your good submissive slut.

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