Worthless pile of meat!

submissive whore


I love catching little worthless meat whores for my master he likes them as young as he can get! I used to babysit for my whole street and I would just take the littles to my master to be fucked to be fair the whores fucking wanted it they were begging to be used and abused by his massive 10-inch cock I loved when they begged him to stop because the worthless fucks couldn’t handle his huge cock but he kept going just pounding their tight little teen cunts harder and harder until they screamed from the pain! if I was a good slave for my master I wouldn’t get hurt but once my master gets angry he is ruthless! especially to my asshole, he leaves it gapping from all the things he shoves in it and I’m left covered in my own blood and tears and a very sore ass, but I did good today so he is going to let me eat all of his cummies out of these worthless pieces of shits when he is finished tonight.

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