Your own personal fuck slave

Bondage and submissionI knew I had to put my cunt to use right away. As tight and as wet as my cunt gets I just could not let it go to waste. Especially, since I was about to get fired by my boss. I begged him not to fire me and he agreed not to and only under one condition. I had to be his own personal fuck slave. He tied me up right there in his office and made me choke on his swollen hard black cock. He practically shoved it down my throat rather I could breathe or not. From that day forward I became his and had to do what he said when he said. If he were to pee in my mouth I had to swallow it. I actually love submitting to my boss. It is something about giving my life to another that makes my pussy so wet. I even enjoy getting raped. Although my mind is saying no. My fat ass cunt is screaming yes. Every day before work my boss has to tied me up and face fuck me. I am to swallow his cum for breakfast. I know you have more breakfast for me. I need some of your hot sticky cream inside of my coffee. Please give it to me master.

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