2 Girl Torture Time

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I know how I always end up in these 2 girl torture situations.  I might be blonde but I’m not dumb.  I knew that I was going to be locked up and forced to take all kinds of objects in every one of my hot and horny holes, that’s basically my full time job.  I didn’t know, though, that me and my fellow fuck sub were going to be detained and constrained for a whole day before the slit expansion happened!

That’s right, for 24 hours, down to the second, a group of methed up masters kept us locked in tiny cages as they tormented us.  I only know because there was a big clock ticking on the wall the entire time, seemingly laughing at us with every instant that passed.  Any time they weren’t snorting lines of ice or sucking fumes out of a glass dick, they were tormenting and torturing me and the sweet girl I had just met before we started.

They started with the cattle prods, you can’t get guys around fire or electricity without them getting really excited to control it.  We got shocked and zapped by four of the messed up fuckers while the others took turns pissing all over us.  Once they brought in the other tools, the zaps came along less frequently, but they were always there, especially if we ever started looking tired.  ZAP!!!  Your ass is wide awake after 20 milliamps surge through your whole body, at least for a while. 

They can shock me and beat me all they want, the part that I hated the most was the buckets of ice water.  They were almost unbearable, especially after all of that warm pee.  I’ll take a rough stick jab to the gut and hardcore hair pulling over gallons of freezing water and hard ice any day of the week.  It’s also hard to rest while you’re heading for hypothermia, I understand why they did it.  Doesn’t mean I liked it.

After our full day of demented degradation, they finally pulled us out of our cages… and locked us up on a couple of fuck machines!  Cowgirl on a Sybian or doggy style on a Drilldo, either way we were shackled down tight and held firmly in place.  Sure, they switched us off back and forth from machine to machine, but they whipped and smacked us and yelled obscenities in our faces the whole time, jamming their cocks into any of our holes that they could along the way.

Once their drugged out dicks decided to stop working, they got angry.  I thought we were in for it but they all ended up arguing and fighting each other.  The commotion ended up seeing them out the door, leaving me and that sweet little girl still strapped up to the perverted appliances, our pussies and bodies numb from all of the abuse, the clock smiling down at us with its stupid, time keeping face.  Fucking meth heads.  


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