A Bad Girl needs to be punished

submissive whore LeahOn occasion, I am naughty. I wear clothes that show off my body.
Tiny skirts, flimsy shirts, making all the horny men squirt.
No panties on, I walk with sass. Swinging my hips to shake my ass.
Showing off my little bits, pulling my top to expose my tits.
Behavior that I think is fine, my Master says is out of line.
I strut my stuff by light of day, but when Master finds out, it’s time to pay.
He measures out each indiscretion, weighing them for a painful lesson.
Step by step, just like a dance. I’m over his lap, He pulls down my pants.
My smile shatters just like glass as blow by blow rains down on my ass.
He hits sure and He hits hard, slowly breaking down my guard.
My flesh grows hot, the skin reddens. Sadly, the pain does not deaden.
The lesson is learned, and so it is; I will not show off what is His.

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