A Mother You’d Like To Torture

Female Bondage

It’s clear to see you have a deep rooted understanding that we women are inferior to the entire male sex. We’re filthy cum dumpsters worth nothing more than cleaning the house, caring for the offspring, and being nasty sperm deposits. You were strolling through the park, seeking out a victim. That’s when you saw me; a mother you’d like to torture.

The thoughts flood your mind of the absolute carnage, chaos, and calamity you could cause on this whorish vessel. You want my pussy splayed open with alligator teeth needle clamps biting down into my most sensitive flesh. You want me to sit quietly while you tell me every single deranged thing; you don’t ever want me to speak.

I’m just to listen to the awful fucking sadism you’re wanting to afflict on my juicy cunt, my thick ass, my fat tits. You want to mutilate and violate my every boundary. You want to completely and totally use my body to your level of satisfaction. Everyone knows a mother they’d like to fuck, but you’re going¬† out of your way to get this new and improved, easy to use fuck toy; my name was Tracy, but now it seems I’m your fucking slave.

Please, I beg you, tell me how you’re going to hurt me, to fuck me up!
BDSM Phone Sex

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