A Santa To Submit To

submissive slut

It’s that special time of year and all the girls think they have to be a good girl to get presents from Santa. But that’s total bullshit. If you want to get the really good stuff, you have to be a dirty little slut. Santa, or those dirty old perverted men that you’ve been fucking, will give you absolutely anything you want as long as you’re a good fuck. You can’t just be all into the vanilla fantasies. No, you have to get super nasty with them and that’s when they will make you a super happy slut.
If you’re a guy who is looking for a girl like that, you don’t have to look any further. I’m more than willing to do the things other girls won’t do. I guess you could say that I have no limits at all. I haven’t found anything that I won’t do to make a man happy. It is my duty as a woman to appease your desires and needs. So don’t worry about telling me all the taboo fantasies you have. They’ll probably just turn me on as much as they turn you on. I think we’ll have a ton of fun together. I hope that you are the incredible naughty Daddy Santa that I seek.

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