A Submissive Christmas Tale

submissive whoreWhat better way to spend Christmas than being bound and used? That is exactly how my Christmas went. As I walked into the bedroom my pussy immediately got wet when I saw my present. New nipple clamps, the kind with the clasps for weights and attached to a collar and a brand-new ball gag. Of course, there was a hot naughty outfit and heels to match. He walked in with a switch and as he drew back to smack my ass, he told me to hurry and change and meet him in the basement. As I removed my clothes, I could smell the aroma from my wet pussy and as I attached the collar and nipple clips, I felt my pussy quiver. I knew not to cum though, although I don’t think I will last till I am given permission. I slipped on the outfit and heels and headed downstairs. He was standing under the bars and I walked over and raised my hands like the good slut I am. He rubbed his fingers across my slit and commented on how wet his whore was? The feel of his hand drove me wild and I shook with anticipation. Once I was fastened, he grabbed the whip and drew back…………….

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