A Taste Of The Power Trip

submissive slut

I love being Masters Submissive whore. I am at his beck and call for him to do what he wishes with me. From tying me up and leaving me sit in anticipation to covering my ass and pussy in candle wax and everything in between. Well tonight he surprised me and let me be his assistant. He brought home another submissive slut for me to practice on. Just like the sounding session I had with Masters cock it made my pussy so wet being in control for a change up. I loved tying her up. Bounding her tightly so that she could not squirm. Knowing I disabled all of her freedom nearly made me cum. I spread her legs apart. And fastened a new mechanic that master had been working on right between her helpless legs. She was a loud little whore so I helped Master as he put a gag in her mouth to hush the bitch up. Then I had a little mercy on her only starting out this fuck machine on slow. The more she cried out then I would turn it up faster. Master had such a hard cock. I dropped to my knees and sucked him off while we sat there and enjoyed our powerless little fuck slave. And that was just the start of the night.

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