A Thin Line Between Pleasure And Pain

hardcore bondageBound to a chair flipped upside down. Leather straps securing me to the chair with my hands behind my back. He didn’t say much to me, my Master was on a mission. I seen a hose wound up in the corner so I knew water of some sort was going to be involved. I heard the door open but hand no way of seeing who also came in to join us. Once again Master seated himself in a position next to me where he had the advantage of seeing both my face and my rear end. I heard the hose unraveling and the anticipation sat in. Whenever I get nervous and anxious my pussy gets so wet. Part of what makes me such a great sub. My pussy is always inviting no matter what the anguish. Suddenly I heard a clicking and then the sound of water spraying the ground followed right behind. It was as if this person was trying to find a setting on the hose nozzle. I started to feel the misting coming off the water that was now spraying the ground. Then I felt it. I sharp steady stream of water nailed me from behind right between my pussy lips. Instantly spreading them apart with the force of the water. I felt the sensation of being filled up. My pussy hole began to gurgle and bubble as I could feel the water run back out just as quickly as it was being pumped in. I can see this is exciting Master because he is stroking his cock. He scoots his chair right in front of me and makes me start sucking his cock as the water stream sways up and down with each movement it gets closer to my clit. Then it hits. The force of the stream hitting my sensitive clit sent a spine chilling sensation up my body but at the same time felt pleasurable. The whole time Master has his cock balls deep in my throat. He is thoroughly enjoying my helpless moans and cries on his dick. While watching me walking a thin line between water pleasure and pain.

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