Abducted in the Woods

Bondage S&M

I had gone camping with some friends over the weekend. I ventured off into the woods for a peaceful walk by myself. The sun was shining as I neared the edge of the river, but that’s when there was a loud thud and I fell to the ground. When I woke up, I was naked aside from my panties, tied up in some sort of cage, dangling just low enough to reach my tippy toes to the ground. My struggling caught the attention of my captor, so he came up to me from out of the brush. Worried, I asked him to let me go and not to harm me because my friends would be looking for me. He just laughed as he walked up holding a whip and a gag. He secured the gag in my mouth so that I could no longer talk such nonsense to him. Then, with all his might, he started whipping me. Each lash stung like fire, but I had no choice. I couldn’t even shield my body with my arms, as they were restrained. The ropes wouldn’t budge, so I was forced to endure the lashings. After my body was almost entirely covered in bloody, raw welts, he came up and ripped off my panties. I flailed and cried out, but it was no use. He steadied my legs in his powerful arms and had no mercy as he start impaling my dry asshole. His cock was tearing apart my ass and it burned, but there was nothing I could do. Nobody was coming to my rescue. After he was finished, he knocked me out again and left me somewhere I didn’t recognize. I was left in the woods to wander naked back to our campsite.

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