bondgae phone sex

It’s been 15 years since I was kidnapped. So many years of bondage phone sex that I’ve forgotten how to be normal. I was living the good life as the trophy wife of a local businessman. A mother of two young ones. A pillar of the community. My hubby had lured me into the cuckold life that he loved. Men were always coming and going. Looking back, I wonder if this was all planned. The day I was attacked, everyone was gone. A masked man dragged me into a van and my life changed forever.
My abductor was a cruel man. He broke me, starved me, and beat me senseless. I’ll never forget the day he brought home the newspaper where my husband had me declared dead. I lost the will to live that day. He owned me now. He knew where I was weak. My fiesty side was gone. I was dead inside. I was property, like a pet. I faced the life that he forced me to live.
Six months later, it all changed. He brought home another paper where my husband was marrying my best friend. That night, I begged him to kill me. And believe me, he tried. All of his angry lust spilled out as he inflicted every horror in his dungeon upon me. I lashed me, strung me up, violated me with every object. But I felt nothing inside. I was meat. Just a pretty plaything that he could share with his friends. And somewhere along the way, my pain turned to arousal. My pussy throbs with each blow, every kick, and every vile word. I am now a submissive whore. Chained, helpless, and born to serve my master. Use me as your cum dumpster, ashtray, or footstool. I know my place. I am nobody.

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