Always a P Mommy

Submissive Whore

It was suggested to me that I write about something else, that I not be a submissive P Mommy who likes to share her lil brats with all my friends and callers. I thought about it for a minute, but then realized that it all goes together. Being a breeding, Mommy whore and being a submissive whore too all goes together for me. I need to talk about my daughter in my blogs because I know if it’s making my pussy wet it’s making someone’s cock hard out there. And soon one of those hard cocks are going to come take advantage one of these tight bald holes. From my youngest barely out of my womb little one to my one that is ready to be a breeding whore herself. All these tight holes need to be fucked, and I will be happy to help, then you can tie me up and turn that cock to me because I know you have lots and lots of cum for me and my little brats.

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