An Endless Fuck

Extreme BondageMaster surprised me today with present. This present is special he built it with his own two hands. He told me he designed it just for me and has been working on it for quite some time now. He blind folded me and began to undress me. He then laid me down on a very cold surface. I was trying to get a feel for what was about to happen. Then he pulling my arms above my head and buckling my wrists with what felt like really thick leather straps. Next he started to pull my legs up over my head, nearly bending me in half. I could feel the cold air blow across my pussy and ass which at this point was now exposed wide open. Again he started to fasten my ankles with more leather straps. I knew that whatever my present was it had to do with me getting penetrated. Just by the way he had me positioned. I heard the sounds of metal being moved around and it grew closer and closer he was attaching a machine of some sort to the surface he had me bound to. Once he was done he finally removed my blindfold to reveal this beautiful contraption that he had built. There it was hanging over me. I watched as he attached black rubber cock shaped attachment to this machine. I could see that this was making Master just as excited as I was because his bulge was so hard that he had to release it from his pants. He stood back for a moment and just admired his work. I begged him to please let me feel the fruits of his labor. He held his dick in one hand and the power cord in the other. Teasing me and telling me to beg for it if I really wanted it. Then finally he inserted the cord into the outlet and I began getting fucked by this hard sexy machine. It was a strong steady force that probed my pussy continuously. He left me laying there for hours just listening to me moan and cry out. To be honest I could have lasted for days. I’ve always wanted a fuck machine. Master knows his bitch to the T.

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