Anal Slave Training

Slave training

Master personally has to train all of my holes to take great big cocks and toys. He takes greatly pleasure in poking and prodding me until I am properly stretched. The best part of my training is Master taking pleasure in pushing me to my limits and humiliating me as best as he can. He decided that the best way to both humiliate me and anal train me was at my family’s early Mother’s Day dinner today. He made me lay out on the dinner table and strip off my clothes in front of everyone. Then he had me rub my cunt and finger my dirty asshole until it was gaping a bit, ready to be trained in front of the whole family. They watch and sneered while Master pushed a thick anal plug deep inside my ass. He made me suck on my Daddy’s cock until it was wet enough to shove his thick cock deep inside my ass. Master asked if I was disgusted by becoming Daddy’s incest anal whore as he filled me up with cum.

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