Anal slave training

Submissive whore

Master loves to fuck my ass. Being able to take his cock in my ass at any time is part of being the best submissive whore I can be for him. This requires hours of intense training and stretching my asshole. He finds all sorts of ways to stretch me out! I am required to wear a butt plug at all times, except of course when he’s fucking my ass. He regularly changes the size of the plug, each is bigger than the previous one. At first it hurts so much when he slides the enormous plug into my ass, but then it starts to feel so good. The plug inside me as I walk around doing my chores and other daily activities keeps me wet at all times. I’m constantly aroused while in public from the feeling of the plug in my bottom. He stretches me in other ways too. He likes to fist me and work my ass to the brink with his whole hand buried up there. Or sometimes he’s in the mood for something more extreme and uses a speculum to pry apart my ass and make it gape. Then he fucks me with the biggest toys and dildos he can find. I’m always teetering between agony and an orgasm during m anal training sessions, but it’s worth it when he fucks me in the ass and his cock slides right in smoothly.

Whatever it takes to be his perfect submissive slut and anal whore, I will do. I have given my mind body and soul over to my master. I belong completely to him, in every sense of the word. If being the best slave for him means that I am punished and anally abused with intense ass fucking and anal training, then so be it.

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