Anal Training

Bondage phone sexHe wants me to be able to take a huge dildo in my ass without whimpering.  Although I think deep down inside He loves when I whimper when He is harsh with me.  The first thrust is always the hardest to take, there is a little lube but really nothing else except for my pussy juice.  He had been using me for a hour when He decided that some anal training would be added to the day’s play.

He pressed it in with a hard steady push.  I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to cry out, but having a ball gag in your mouth makes it impossible to do so.  All you hear is a muffled cry.  He kept asking me if it was too much, I would nod my head yes, and He would wait.  Then He would push the dildo in farther and farther until it was completely filling me.  Of course the body wants to force whatever is being placed in your ass out, so it kept on slipping. He told me to use my muscles to keep it in, but that just caused it to slip out faster.

Again I think He enjoyed this as each time it would slip Hwould swat me across my ass hard, over and over, then push it back in.  This went on for a good amount of time until He came around to my face, took the ball gag off, shoved His hard dick into my mouth and unloaded his ball sack fully into the back of my throat

He told me that next time we would go with something bigger, and we would do so until He was satisfied and I could walk around without a harness and without the toy falling from me.  This will take a lot of work and makes me wonder just how big we are going to go.

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