Anything You Say…..

submissive whore

My friend with benefits and I always like to take it to the extreme. Tied up, tied down, up against the wall, spankings, biting, slapping. Well, you get the idea. Last night when he came over, things took a very hard core turn. He showed up, unannounced, with three of his friends. They were all dressed in black vinyl, head to toe. Even their masks. I couldn’t tell them apart. One grabbed me by the arm and literally dragged me into the bedroom. I was put into leather restraints, with some sort of spreader attached and I looked like I was reverse hog tied. I literally couldn’t move, and was forced to let them use me in every way possible and do anything they said. The panties I was wearing got cut off with a razor knife, and then stuffed into my mouth along with a ball gag.

They had a big bag with them. My eyes grew wide with fear and excitement as they started to unpack it. A flogger with beads attached to the ends of the leather strips, a riding crop, a whip, double headed dildos and an anal hook, just to name a few things. I could feel my pussy start to twitch and ache with anticipation. I know they wanted me to be frightened, but my cunt was literally dripping and contracting with hard orgasms before they even started to use their ‘toys’ on me. After each of them had fucked me multiple times, multiple ways,  they raided my panty drawer and stuffed as many pairs inside of my used up snatch as they could get in there. They left me laying there, naked, with every one of my holes completely used up.

Believe it or not, I was actually begging for them to stay and keep abusing my mouth and my pussy and my asshole. They’re the ones that needed a break.  I think this psychotic little masochist may have worn those boys out. But no worries, I’d be glad to wait like this for days, and then do anything you say…

Come and make me play with you. I can beg if you want.

Your Demented Little Whore,

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