Bare Bottom Spankings Excite Me

I’m a naughty submissive and the feeling of open handed bare bottom spankings on my sweet ass really make my cunt juicy. I can’t help but grind my pussy with every grazing of Master’s hand on my bare ass. It’s my pleasure to serve Master and when I act out I expect to get my bare tush spanked, just like daddy used to do when I was a bad girl. I loved when daddy put me over his knee and spanked me, and he would always graze my pussy with his fingers, and THAT really got me wet. My daddy caught on to my acting up on purpose just so I can get his spankins and attention. Daddy decided one time that I would get a new kind of punishment after he spanked me. He slid his daddy cock in my wet little pussy and was always scolding me about how naughty I am for having such a wet cunt when he spanks me, and I just can’t help it!

Bare Bottom Spankings Bo

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