Ass and Throat Fucked in the Stocks

Hardcore bondage

My Master has my head and hands in the stocks while he and his friends fuck me. They have been fucking me for hours. One of them grabbed my ass and fucked me in the ass. The other grabbed the stocks and stuck his cock down my throat. I was moaning and could barely breathe while they both pounded me. My mouth was watering so much I was drooling over their cocks. When I got their cock wet enough, they went behind me and filled my ass up. I could feel their big, thick cocks ripping my tiny hole apart. They love using me like a submissive little slut. Two of them fucked me in the pussy and in the ass. When they were both pumping inside of me, I begged for them to cum inside of me. I want to be their little cum whore. My pussy, my ass and my mouth are holes for them to use. 

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