At Any Given Moment….…

Submissive Whore

As a submissive cum dumpster for my Master’s cock, I have to be ready at any moment to serve him with my worthless fuck holes! Master was in an interesting mood this morning, I had just finished getting my girls off to school when I decided to get fresh and have a shower. Just as I closed the shower curtain Master appeared and pulled it back, exposing his hard cock to me in my vulnerable state of nakedness. I knew what was expected of me by the look in his eye, I dropped right down to my knees in the shower and started sucking Master’s hard-on. Master started fucking my face with force, I gagged and slobbered all over that dick in my mouth, letting master use my throat to get his nut out. I sucked him gratefully like a good cum slave and Master came so hard down my throat I struggled to swallow all of his load!

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