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Gangbang phone sex for Cum dump Whore

Gangbang phone sex

When I get Gangbang phone sex, it reminds me of my time on the weekends. Every weekend since my later teens, I’ve seen how many cocks I can make cum. I’ve often lost count, well, completely lost count, to be honest. When I first started taking weekends to the next level, I would only have a threesome on maybe Saturday or Friday. But as I’ve gotten older, I realize if I don’t feel hurting, it doesn’t count.

I realized being a submissive slut would get me everything I wanted from men. Which all women deserve is a good load of cum. Cocks are enough of a prize for any woman, so all women want is to get married. But not me, all I want is to see how many cocks I can make cum. Years ago, I decided the best way to make as many cocks cum as possible was to have Bare bottom spankings parties with as many men as possible. If you tell a man he can spank you, his cock will automatically get hard. So that’s how I place all my ads.

This past weekend was no different, but I’m guessing I got more of a show out with the full moon than usual. This time, there were upward of 30 men to give me what I needed. Every whole of mine was left stretched and creamy and crusty. I hope and pray next weekend is just as good. As long as I have Erotic submissive stories to tell them about, they will keep cumming.

Submissive slut open to Real Dominate Men Only

Submissive slut

For a Submissive slut like me, any sissy man can’t just step into the role of dominance. I need a man who never swayed in his authority to own me. I need a man who never questions where his balls lay or how to take a woman. Something about a strong man who knows how to own a woman in every way excites me.

Sometimes I get lucky with my in person clients and there will be a real manly man in the bunch. I’m just a bad girl needing to get owned and used. This weekend I was lucky enough to have one such client. He was foreign. The most manly men seem to be foreign or first generation Americans. He was very respectful when I first got to his hotel room but the way he handled me let me know that he knew how to own a slut like me.

He decided he wanted to do some Hardcore bondage play. He wanted me tied up like a bitch in heat on my knees, and tied me to the desk. Then he ran a rope from my shoulder down my ass crack and back up over the other shoulder. He put a gag in my mouth so I couldn’t shut it. Then he pushed his cock in my mouth and raped my throat. Real men are so hard to find.

Bondage phone sex after Gangbang Creampie

Bondage phone sex

There is nothing better after a gangbang than Bondage phone sex. This week was super trying. I’ve wanted fresh cock every day. I guess I have some leftover energy from when I was gangbanged last week. I was over at the pool, looking like a trashy whore, when a group of guys playing soccer noticed my efforts. I rolled over on my belly so they could see my ass. With my face down and ass up in the air, I wriggled into I could reach the string on my bikini top and undid it to get that perfect tan.

They got hella distracted, and their game could have gone better. A couple of the guys had stopped entirely and were almost directly over top of me on the other side of the fence. I started to buck my hips and arch my butt up in the air. I heard catcalls and whistles. I responded in kind, pushing my tail higher, and the whistles got louder. Soon, I couldn’t hear the ball being kicked at all.

I rolled face up, and eight guys stood breathing over me. My cunt squeezed and dripped. I moaned, and they chuckled. I slid my fingers down to the top of my bikini bottom. Their hands all couched their cocks through their pants. I was sure I was about to get much content for Gangbang phone sex. Thank god for living in an apartment with loads of swinging cocks.

As I lay there I could see all of their eyes thinking of me as a cum dumpster. Then the cocks started to escape gym shorts. I needed everyone of their cocks to unload in me.  Before I knew it they destroyed my throat and all I could do was lay there and take load after load. Then they started to fuck my cunt. When it was done my ass and cunt were a crusty mess from loads of cum.

Cum slut phone sex with Hermione will make Nut Butter Spew from You

Cum slut phone sex

I happened to always love Cum slut phone sex but I didn’t realize it until I’d taken my vowels as a nun. Growing up in a strict religious household I guess you could have said I was always trying to be a good girl and get the approval from my parents. So when my mom found out I was having sex she told me if I became a nun I could still get into “the good place”. Fearing my all mighty Father, I dropped to my knees and promised to be a good girl and do what I was told from this day forward.

However shortly after I took my vowels to become a nun, I kept finding pleasure when I touched myself. As I prayed, I felt the need to confess to the sins of touching myself. I found a confessional booth and dropped to my knees to repent. Hearing the strong voice of my father I felt assured that I would end this torment. But I just couldn’t find peace in god knowing there was a cock attached to who I was confessing to. Unfortunately he too was young. I told him I knew I could find god if I could see the ultimate pleasure of man. There was a silence, and then a cock slid into my space. Father forgive us.

Cock worshiping Hermione Whore Craves the D!

Cock worshiping

Now and again, there is a rush within me to find a Cock for Cock worshiping. I want something deeper and more meaningful than what I’ve ever had. Like there is this demon deep within my cervix, whose name is: touch me. When I feel both holes stimulated, one pushes into the other, I want to feel and know what it is to have my fuck hole touched from the inside out, and something about that makes me a bottomless pit. An ominous swell engulfed me, so I must feel that cock piercing to tear open my face and automatically swallow load after load while having another phallic appendage stuffing one of my other fuck holes. Knowing I am the filthy fuck toy I was meant to be, my holes all start to moisten, and I slide both cocks in more profoundly, all the while stroking cock to get nut butter all over my tits. 

Erotic BDSM stories not for the faint of Heart

Erotic BDSM stories

I’ve always loved falling asleep to something that was going to warm me up, like Erotic BDSM stories. I happen to be a switch, so I only entertain men who can play with me the ways in which I need to be played. I do enjoy being a submissive a lot. Just last weekend I was hired for a weekend of submission. My master for the weekend wanted me to dress in my sluttiest attire and to allow him to explore my body the way he desired. I know my little snatch is for his pleasure and he waste no time and reminding me of my purpose. We started Saturday off with me collared and a butt plug inserted where he could see the ruby end poking out. Master used a leash to walk me about like the bitch that I am. After he had taken me for a talk Master was tired and wanted to rest and have me rest my head in his lap while he stroked my hair. Masters cock was so close to my face I was breathing heavy on it. This woke Master up some more and had his cock tingling. I couldn’t help but offer up my mouth to suckle his cock. After moments, Master was having none of that and grabbed my beautiful blonde head and began to rock his cock back and forth in my mouth. I went limp like only a good rag doll can do. I felt my mouth open and Master fuck my face until he came down the back of my throat.

Submissive Whore Hermione Gets her start

Submissive whore

As far back as I can remember I craved to be a Submissive whore and worship cock. When my Pa first started spending time with me I just loved all the attention I was getting from him. I remember feeling my body get stimulated just looking at his cock. My mouth would already be wet by the time he stuck that cock in my mouth. My little cunt would start pulsing to get played with as well. Daddy eventually let my sweet fuck hole get the nurturing it needed but he was so gentle making sure I was being turned into a cock craving Cum slut phone sex slut.

Just like a hungry little vampire I crave cock every night. Most nights I get the chance only after the bars close up and I show up to the dive spots after I finish on the phones. If I happen across a smaller man whom I assume has a smaller cock I always pull in another stud. I’m always willing and hungry for another cum shot. Even if it’s a quicky, I just need to know I made that cock cum. I am the dirty cum slut who craves to be a Bondage whore.

Hermione is a Cum slut phone sex Whore

Cum slut phone sex

I love being a Cum slut phone sex freak for Daddy. Daddy calls me and check that I am doing what he says. Daddy insist that I not wear any clothes. Daddy punishes me for not listening and smarting off at him. So sometimes I’m naughty just to get punished from Daddy. Just last week I was dressed as he walked in the door. Daddy was so mad. He made me strip for  him right then and there. By the time I got my clothes off, Daddy’s cock was waiting for me. I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth. I got to my knees and started sucking off that cock. Daddy was still mad at me and he started slapping my lips with his cock. This made my cunt drip. I could feel my pussy juices on my heels as I stayed on my knees and let Daddy have his way with my mouth. I know my place in this life and Daddy is guiding me to be more of a traditional woman in modern times. Daddy tell me that he cares for me and that’s why he keeps me in line.

Can’t get enough of Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping

Master is excellent at making sure that I am Cock worshiping everyday. I didn’t realize what a devious cunt I was until Daddy started owning me and my cunt. Daddy says he must always have access to my body so he requires me to be naked at all times so his cock is pleased. I didn’t know it would feel so right to be subservient to a real Daddy who know what boundaries and punishment I need to live up to my roll as a female. These days I am lost without a cock to get down on my knees and pray about and for. Always being blessed I find a cock I can give all of my attention to. When Daddy says I’m out of line I work hard to be a Submissive slut for Daddy’s desires. If Daddy wants my mouth, I am pleased to give it to him. If Daddy wants my front fuck hole, it’s all his and I will only drip cunt juices if Daddy tells me it’s ok. More and more everyday though I sneak when Daddy is done with me and I stick my fingers into my fuck holes and rub and rub and think about Daddy’s punishments and how a naughty whore like me needs discipline. 

Cum slut phone sex Whore needs more

Cum slut phone sex

Being a cum slut phone sex whore leads me open to so much good stuff. Like being a submissive slut and having men use me at their pleasure. There is nothing better than knowing a man want to use me for my purpose of serving his pleasures. Last week I was I was out shopping and I saw this guy following me. I understand why men feel they need to keep a distances these days since the whole women’s complaining movement but I was cutting my eyes at him in the most inviting way. I’m sure more bitches wouldn’t be snuffed if they realized how our only purpose is to serve the man. The good book says so. Well after following me around a few clothes racks I started to head to the changing rooms, knowing he would follow. When he came around the corner and saw me on my knees his rod instantly came alive. Maybe there way a hole in his pants or maybe he actually unzipped them but that stiff prick seemed to pop out automatically like a jack in the box. And I, just being a whole in the wall was drawn to that dick like a bee to honey. Before I knew it he had zipped up and walked away, leaving my belly full of the creamy white cum I so desired.