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Milf phone sex for young men

Milf phone sex

Young guys just love to have milf phone sex with a voluptuous mommy like myself. My big fat jugs were made for little young ones to play with. I couldn’t help but be the church candy lady on Sunday. You should see them all run up and ask for candy with their hands out. It didn’t happen just a time or two I’d find a hand where it wasn’t meant to be. Did you know my cunt squirts when I get enough titty fucking and playing. So I found myself with a young one one Sunday afternoon. So eager for something sweet and me so eager to please. The hungry are always the most aggressive and I am always the most submissive even when grooming.

Bare bottom spankings Warmed Received

Bare bottom spankings

When I was younger my mother and father used to make me pull down my panties and give me Bare bottom spankings. Sadly enough I began to savor them. I would do the most naughty things to get a spanking. Nothing quenches my sexual desire quite like a bare bottom beating. I can never keep a man because no matter how aggressive they are I’m always doing the most fucked up shit to get them to beat my ass. Some men have tried to own me but then they have to go to work and come home to find me with my bare ass in this face riding another cock. My ex tried to paddle me to the point where I wouldn’t have such naughty desires but then he went to work. I need a man with old money who can stay home and make my ass suffer. All the time. Because when he leaves me with those sore welts puffing and swelling on my ass, I touch them. And when I touch them, my cunt starts to quiver, and when my cunt starts to quiver, I need someone to hurt me good.

Cheap phone sex before slut opens Cunt

Cheap phone sex

I love providing Cheap phone sex to my neighbor when his wife is gone. I just love fucking with him. I call him up and start with my sultry voice dragging out asking for a cup of sugar. He knows when I start saying sugar slow I really mean something else and I can hear him take that cock out and start playing with it. He gets so worked up he starts telling me about what a filthy cum whore I am to call a married man and get him aroused and how I need to be punished for messing with married men. But I can’t help myself. I’m a glutton for punishment and he comes over and gives it to me just the way I need it. Being a submissive slut has always served my purposes righteously and no married man passes by a chance to have a dirty whore on her knees.

Cock Worshiping Cum Whore Hermione

Cock worshiping


There isn’t that’s much better than Cock worshiping. Cocks are really the best gift from god. My little brother has a nice stiff rod I love to toy with. I come over to my moms house and I see him playing video games and I sit down next to him. Young men are so easy to get their cocks hard and submit to. I worship him first my laying my hard on his cock and gently pressing down. He’s generally still playing video games for a bit but that doesn’t matter to a cum slut like me. I am going to get that hard cock into any hole I can. I unzip his pants and slide is out to start to nurse it in my mouth. Some time around then he generally takes his cock out and his pants off. He turns to allow me give reverence to what is the all mighty. This god like object deserves my undivided attention and I my mouth to submit to its desires.

BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex

To be a submissive slut and give into BDSM phone sex gives me pleasure unimaginable. It’s not every submissive whore who understands the dynamics of luring your dom into mind bending confrontation of pain and pleasure. If the sub doesn’t realize their pain tolerance then how can the master push you beyond your limits? One must inform Master of the replusions and avoidances one has throughout the day so that master can take and use them against you in the most perverse ways possible. I crave a master who is intellectual enough to understand the intimate details that a sub appreciates and can expand say subs sexual comprehension. Finding an excellent Dom is so hard to do.

Cheap phone sex

Cheap phone sex

No fantasy is too risque for a Cheap phone sex slut like the ladies here. Most of the cum sluts here were abused when they were young and somehow in our twisted little minds that made us all crave cock and cum. I remember when I first got used for sexual entertainment when I was barely old enough to use the bathroom alone in public. It was a family member and she was taking me to the bathroom. People believe women wouldn’t molest little young ones but it does happen. However I didn’t dissuade her from what she was doing to my tiny little body. Many many times I’ve felt myself up thinking about what she did when she touched my bald little cunt and watched her fingers go in and out of my tiny little hole. Maybe those things shouldn’t happen but they did and I enjoyed the attention she gave my flat chest with her full lips. Mommy trusted her with me and now I’m a cum addict who can’t get enough of being touched and touching others.

Bukkake phone sex Slut

Bukkake phone sex

To be a Bukkake phone sex slut means you have to take a lot of loads of cum on your face no matter the state of the dick attached. For me it means I need to be a cum covered cock slut always on my knees or finding a neighborhood where guys are on the street waiting for a whore like me to take their young studs. This weekend was filled with lots of cum guzzling. I started off attending a cook out. There were so many young guys there. Young guys are the best. They are completely driven by their cocks just like I am driven by cock. One of my newest flavor is BBC. My friend told me her nephew was special needs and he’s a lot younger than he looks. The thought did cross my mind that I shouldn’t do that. But then the better side of me said, no one will complain about a special needs BBC being used by my horny cum hole. You couldn’t tell me this boy was special needs the way his cock got hard when I was naked in front of him. I guess maybe I shouldn’t have manipulated that poor boy like that but I could tell he would have a cock that would have zero power over my pussy. So all I had to do was get naked in front of him and drop to my knees. His “no” pleads fell on deaf ears. He couldn’t stop me with his stuttering muttering short bus act. His hands were all over my slutty body

Submissive Whore School

Submissive Whore

Do people think you can just lay there and be a Submissive Whore? What a fucking joke! These limp fish bitches think it’s as simple as laying around, taking a dick. Nay nay my friend. It takes hard work to submit your every desire for the will of a cock. I start on my knees like the filthy bitch I am. Wholes all cleaned ready for any reaming my master desires. Master sometimes allows other cocks to use my holes for their pleasure. These are my favorite times. My mouth is wide open and salivating to be used. When my trap is drooling, my twat generally follows suit. For that I have no control.  Submission is not just allowing your flesh to be a place mat but noticing where flesh desires to move. Sometime flesh feels pain but that is where real submission takes place. Directing the mind to keep flesh in place so that master and all he desire can use my filthy fuck holes. Even after they have pounded my fuck holes into mush I direct my flesh sac to rise and make space and strength to still be used by a stiff prick to be serviced.

Submissive sex Leads to Naught whore needing Punishment

Submissive sex

Submissive sex just can’t be submissive enough. Sometimes I try to get into trouble to make my daddy mad at me. He ties me up and tells me to suck his cock, which I want to, of course. But I will be defiant because I want daddy to hurt me bad. I can’t get enough of bondage and humiliation. After he ties me up, he can tell that I get a sassy attitude and then he has to spank me hard.  Daddy spanks so hard I can’t help but crying but that only leads to my mouth being open and him using my fuck whole for service to Daddy’s cock. I love cock worshiping Daddy, but don’t tell him. When Daddy gets tired of my pathetic mouth he flips my trashy ass over and goes for my cunt.  I say no Daddy please don’t rape me but that makes him more mad that I’m not submitting and begging him for more now. When Daddy gets mad he is so mean but because I love being a filthy slut I get wetter because I know he’s going to make me sorry for getting him mad. I struggle while he’s trying to get inside my cunt. Daddy pulls down my nasty panties and give my bare bottom spankings. My cunt gets so wet and I cry tears of pain and pleasure. 

Submissive slut Fishnet whore

Submissive slut

I started being a submissive slut when I was barely double digits. I enjoyed being a lifeless rag doll and allowing men to do with me what they wanted. I love being a submissive cum slut. When a man has me bent over and is ramming my dirty Kunny it makes me gush and squirt all over the place. These dominate studs know how to use a cum dumpster like myself and I can’t seem to get enough of it. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I got into play with actual cum and be a completely submissive slut.

This job gives me the opportunity to have dirty talk time and a be a bondage whore. Just last week the firefighters were called and they had to cum undo me from my self restraints. But when they saw what a good job I had done tying knots, they undid my Kunt into a big sloppy mess. They don’t seem to have any problems breaking into my house of horny and extinguishing the fire of my hot pussy. First they worked my fuck holes open and then they broke down the back door.