Bad Girl Gets Punished

torture phone sexI had been such a bad girl. I knew I would be receiving a punishment tonight. I shook in fear as I wondered what my punishment would be,  When he arrived home and saw his beautiful Lexus now had a huge dent in it , the look on his face said it all. He led me to our basement and bound my arms behind my back. He bound my tits even tighter than usual, instantly cutting off circulation to them. He brought the pulley and attached my arms upward toward the ceiling, forcing mew to bend at the waist so that my body could accept the strain. My legs were also bound. I was not able to move, not even an inch. Then, I felt something hard pressing against my cheeks. In this position they were being held together, yet something very hard was pressing into them and finally reached my unprepared asshole. I felt the huge phallus forcing itself into my rectum, stretching even tearing my delicate skin. The pain was incredible, but I must endure – for this is my punishment.

bondage whore

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