Bad Girl

Bare bottom spankings

I was a bad girl today. I spit out some of daddy’s cum instead of swallowing it and he punished me for it. He bent me over the table and tied me so I couldn’t move and then got his bull whip. He put four long lashes across my ass cheeks that hurt so bad and even made blood run from the wounds. He then fucked me from behind, slapping me right in the spots on my ass he had whipped, making them hurt even more. When he finished plowing my ass he shot his load over the lashes, making them irritate and burn since they were still fresh wounds. He then told me if I wasted another drop of his spunk he would pour salt on them. At the end he fucked my asshole and left me there covered in my own cum and blood and his cum as well. I deserved it for being bad and I am happy my daddy punishes me in such good ways. I will never waste his spunk again.

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