Bangin’ Super Bowl

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Master had a Super Bowl party the other day and he invited a LOT of strong, handsome alpha males. I think that’s the only kind of man he hangs out with, anyway. I swear, they were just walking around with hard cocks waiting their turn with me and my pussy was so excited that I came all over every dick that thrust inside me. Every time I looked up, there was a new cock in my face, and I had no choice but to suck it, no matter how tired my mouth and jaw were. Master doesn’t care about things like that. My comfort is not what matters to him.

He made me stand up completely naked in the living room during the halftime show and dance like I was in a rap video. He walked over and slapped me across the face when I stopped for a second to catch my breath. He told me to just breathe while moving and that if I was short of breath, he didn’t care. I was there for their entertainment only. Do you want to hear more details about my night? I’d love to tell you what it’s like to be a gangbang phone sex slut.

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