Naughty Sub Needing Obedience

Submissive Whore

My last Master couldn’t handle me and all of my assets, my attitude, or my cunt! I’m just misbehaving way too much! So I was sent to you. You tame even the naughtiest of bitches but I want to give you a challenge of rebellion. That isn’t sliding with you at all? Not you or your hard cock waiting to punish and use me. You’re patient and think with the right head. You like the game of predator and prey. you sweet me loose in your large, hidden home and I go running to hide naked and with my tits out while laughing almost manically. You seem to catch up to me with your twitching cock in just a couple of strides I square when your grab my naked body and drag me downstairs by my hair. I’m strapped down with a wet and excited cunt which makes you realize that I like punishment. I just needed the right Master to hurt me the right way. You take out a long, thin, and plastic stick and drag it along my naked body. This makes me freeze. I’m scared and I start begging, pleading. It’s the only pain I reject and you figured it out only after a few minutes. The first whip cuts through the air and the first of my screams hit your ears. A welt forms across my tits. You continue with more slashes and whips sounding the air until I’m crying and begging harder than you have ever heard and that’s when you decide that I’m yours to keep.

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