Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

My master knows well how to treat my dumb little cum eager whore self. Today he bent my naked body over his lap. His hard cock was pressed against my tummy and he started smacking my ass with his hand. Each time his hand met my ass I could feel his finger prints starts to imprint on my butt cheeks. When his hand would leave my ass it would get super warm and send tingles down to my bones. Well, even really down to my pussy. I would squirt a little bit each time down my thighs. After making my ass red, his cock was about to dig itself into my tummy.

He pushed me onto the floor, off of his lap and told me to put my legs above my head. My ass hole was exposed and calling out to his cock. With one huge thrust my master pushed every inch of his fat cock inside of my ass hole. I felt his cock head pop right into me and my ass hole stretch wider the more he forced his full length inside of me. Those balls were tightening up and filling with cum. He hovered over me, still spanking me with his balls and his hands. He was going balls deep inside of my ass.

He told me how much of a pathetic fucking whore I was over and over again. I flexed my ass hole around his cock and begged him to let me get his cum like a good stupid submissive whore. His cock was twitching inside of me and I felt him start to shoot every drop of that warm cum right inside of me. I  get a cream filled ass hole! I am going to let it dry, that way it stays on me.

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