Bare bottom spankings as Im made to watch

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings cum with a price. I knew my master wanted something younger and tighter than I was. Too many years have I served and given all of my body to him. I bore his offspring and now I have to sit by and wait as He fucks her teen cunt. I still get my ass wailed on and my arms and legs tied so I cannot defend myself. I guess for a moment I forgot I was just slave shit stuck to the bottom of his shoe. I am not anything, only a toy, and if I sometimes think Im human it’s his fault. I watched with welts and bruises all over me as he fucked her pussy and told me how old and ugly I was. He was tearing her ass up like he used to do to me in those first years.

Rough riding and making her scream with a mix of pleasure and pain. I rocked back on my heels as he took the time to pull me over and spank and scratch my fat milf ass.   I need to touch my aching sex between my legs. Now she was right in front of me on all fours with her hair used as reigns to keep her steady as my Master’s stallion cock pumped her deep. I know he used no lube and dry fucked her ass at the end before he tossed her away like garbage. Now it was my turn and I would show that young slut that My holes always take all of my masters without one single fucking teardrop. A mature submissive whore always takes your cock like a pro! 

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