Bare bottom spankings Desired

Bare Bottom spankingsThere is much more to a domesticated submissive life than just some bare bottom spankings. I remember once trying to have a normal sexual relationship with a vanilla man. He got on top and pounded away and wouldnt even choke me during innercourse! How lame is that! I needed much more. So I started looking up Dommes in my area. I found the right man who helped to train me when I was younger. Franklin was a sexy tall silver fox who knows exactly what this woman needs! I was made to show my Boyfriend and Master How I wanted to be treated. Just exactly what do you do when you’re masturbating alone Robyn. I put some submissive whore porn on and got out my toys. A stinky wooden back scratcher, nipple clamps and my simple bondage bed frame kit.

I also had my sex on the beach candle lit and melting for some wax play on myself. I did what I know best secured myself halfway and began beating my pussy lips and thighs as I inserted a monster sized dildo in my own ass. The wax flowed over my nipple clamps and clit. Pain arouses me. I even choked my own throat as I was cumming! My boyfriend almost fainted, But Master Franklin Took me and used me like the dirty submissive slut I am! Teaching men how to use my body has never been so hot! How will You use me today Sir!?

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