Bare Bottom Spankings for a Naughty Girl

bare bottom spankingsI was naughty and I got bare bottom spankings because of it too. I had no idea that my master was going to make a surprise house call to check up on me. I have not shared the same physical space with him in months. We text and talk on the phone with some facetime calls too, but we have been isolated apart for months. He has had a few eyes on me, so I have been trying to be a good whore. But I need abused. I need to serve. So, I have had a few Tinder dates on the DL. Not like going out to dinner dates. Those are damn near impossible lately. I am talking hook ups at my place. I advertise myself as a submissive whore needing an alpha man. I had just finished getting anally tortured when Master arrived for his surprise visit. He had to have passed my lover in the driveway. When I heard the door, I assumed it was my Tinder date. I almost pissed myself when I saw my master for the first time in far too long, the longest we have ever been apart in almost 20 years. He told me I had been a naughty girl. I had cum leaking out my ass to prove it. There was no trying to deny it. I would have just made my punishment worse. Master took off his leather belt and I assumed the position. I knew I was in for a beating. With every whack, I bit down on the pillow I stuffed in my mouth. He made me count each whack, which I did. I cried because for an old man, he had some strength I had not seen before. My ass was mincemeat. I was bleeding, raw, swollen and black and blue. He jacked off on my ass, then pissed to make it burn. He told me if he caught me being naughty with someone else without permission again, he would disown me. I have been branded by master’s belt. No one would even want me again.

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