Bare bottom spankings for naughty Mum

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spanking are something I seem to favor. It doesn’t take much paddling of my naked bottom before my cunt is dripping and I am thinking the naughtiest thoughts. My baby’s daddy loves to remind me of how subservient I am to his cock. Even though he has never allowed us to be in a relationship he dominates me with his cock and punishes me in kind.

It started when I was a student of his and he was that silver fox teaching art. That’s when I started calling him Master. I have to admit I was a bad girl. But back then the student wasn’t as believed as the professional so I didn’t even try and tell anyone that he was blackmailing me into dressing certain ways and placing rules on me. He told me no one would believe a whore like me and the most I would ever be worth is what my cunt could provide. 

I was raised knowing a good woman’s worth was intrisically tied to how much men valued her. I knew Master had value to everyone because of how my parents paid attention to him. Everyone at school thought be was the bees knees. So I went with the flow of nature when he hold me I was to only be on all fours on my knees in  front of him until the day in which I could rise and become his counter whore. Until then I submit to BDSM chat knowing my place. 

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