Bare Bottom Spankings for Thanksgiving

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings make my cunt wet. I love an old-fashioned spanking. I know I am past the school girl age, but I have a few dominant men in my life who enjoy me in a school girl skirt with no panties. I have a nice ass for my age. Distinct hot booty cheeks that I can shake and twerk. Harold is an occasional Master. I met him last year in a fetish club. He likes to spank hot women’s asses and I love to have my ass smacked, so we were a perfect pairing. He was going out of town for the holidays and needed a spanking fit. He came over last night. I wore the outfit he likes. He arrived with a bag of paddles and switches. After hello, I bent over to show him my bare bum. He licked his lips because I could hear him. I heard his fly unzip too. He spanked my ass with his firm hands first. That was followed by a few thuds of his hard cock. I made my booty cheeks dance for him. That made him harder. Before I got the hardcore spanking I wanted, I got a hardcore ass fucking I wasn’t expecting. He has never fucked me before. We have a spanking relationship. He told me since I was a submissive whore, I should take his cock up my ass too. He was right. I grabbed my ankles and let him fuck my booty prison style. He didn’t last long in my ass. With his cum still oozing out of my swollen asshole, he gave me the spanking I was craving. He has big, strong hands. I got 100 whacks on each cheek until he switched to this wooden paddle that didn’t feel nearly as good. If his intent was to hurt my ass, mission accomplished. I’m sitting on an ice pack today.

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