Bare bottom spankings is more than I got

My master is giving me more than just Bare bottom spankings for Christmas. My master pulled me out of my cage by my leash and had me sit on the floor to wait for his next instruction. He came back with a new set of clamps and some rope. “You like your gift hoe?” My master asks me. “I love it master, thank you” I respond very gratefully. “May I wear it?” “Yes bitch” he responds as he clamps my nipples hard and tight.

After that the pain hit my body hard and my tits started shaking. “Good job now shake those tits hard for me” he demands while laughing. Then my master slapped my tits and started tying the rope around them. Soon they were red and swollen with the rope tight around them. “Now open your mouth bitch” my master asked as he pulled the rope on my tits. The rope burns and cuts my tits. Therefore, my masters starts to shove his cock in my mouth.

Bare bottom spankings

Soon after my master fucked my throat so hard and deep, I couldn’t breathe. But that never matters. To my master what matters is I milk his hard cock. “Don’t waste any of my precious cum slut” he moans out as I feel his balls tighten up. Finally, he starts spraying the back of my throat with all his semen. “What a well trained Submissive Whore you are” my master my master moaned as he gave me every drop of his semen. “Thanks for the great gifts master” I said after I swallowed every drop. Now stay there with your clamps and rope and hope that your tits don’t fall off.  

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