Bare Bottom Spankings Make for Great Role Play Fun

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings feel great. I am such a spanking whore. I know I’m a MILF, but sometimes I like to role play like I’m much younger or that my daughter is still a wee little girl. I had a hot call recently where I role played that my daughter was getting anally trained for Daddy. Daddy made me prep her bottom for his cock. I was scared for her because daddy has a big dick, but I am a submissive so I do what I am told. I put her over my bare legs. She was stripped naked. Her little bare ass exposed. A little girl’s ass is such a wonderful thing. It’s soft and round. It jiggles slightly. I spanked her little behind until it was cherry red. She was crying for me to stop. My hand left a mark on her little bottom. Daddy watched me prep her little butt hole with my fingers first, then a small dildo. I didn’t want to use too big of a toy because I wanted her to be a really tight fit for Daddy’s cock. When you have a small opening and something really thick to put in the opening, you need lots of lube. Anything fits with enough lube. Maybe even some gold old fashioned saliva too. I spit in her pink rosebud then slathered the KY jelly on daddy’s dick. Watching Daddy penetrate her baby butt hole was so hot I had to rub my clit as he pushed his dick deep in her little pink sphincter. He had to push balls deep to get it all in. Surprisingly, her tiny ass accommodated his monster cock. Daddy was hurting her bottom but in a hurts so good way. She screamed in pain in the beginning, but soon after that she begged for daddy’s seed in her ass. Daddy helped me turn her into his ass slave. Maybe you would like to be her daddy too?

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