Bare bottom spankings Of a Home Aide

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings for a home health nurse. You know I’m always been kind of a stupid bitch. Taking on side jobs when my husband was struggling at his business only made it easier for men to see my submissive side. I’m a caretaker I’ve always taken care of my husband my offspring and any men or women he brings to me. So when I took a job as a home health aide I never really thought that I’d be in this position.

The old man I was taking care of really didn’t need much help but he was looking for someone for his son and him to tag team. No, he did have some medical issues but it wasn’t with his cock! And apparently, they had made the pact of finding submissive nurses and turning them out to be slaves for that daddy dick.

And with the son punishing and beating my ass so I would get up on his cock and ride him. And of course, the blowjobs that I gave with sponge baths didn’t help my case. So now I am sitting here with spanked titties and a spanked ass and thighs.

And I have to service two men and my husband’s due back any day. I don’t think these two are going to let me know that easily and my secret will be blown! What would you do with your wife doing some nasty submissive shit like this? Would you treat her to some hardcore ¬†Bondage and submission lessons and still let her play with her patients?¬†

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