Bare Bottom Spankings, Please?

bare bottom spankings

When I’m a naughty subbie, my Master always makes sure that bare bottom spankings are part of my punishment. I think he secretly likes it when I misbehave so he has a reason to spank my bare ass. Not that he needs a reason – he’s my Master and he’s always in charge and can do anything he wants. I actually do like it when he spanks me as a form of punishment because he always has a firmer hand and that’s something that really makes my pussy wet enough that you could slide the biggest dick ever inside me and it would fit. But my Master knows this and he refuses to fuck me after he spanks me. And he always makes me turn on the camera to my room so I can’t masturbate. I always want to so badly, but there are cameras everywhere in my bedroom – even in the bathroom! If you were my Master, would you treat me the same way, or would you let me have some relief after my spanking? If you’re at all like him, you probably wouldn’t. And honestly, it’s probably the right thing to do. Bad girls like me don’t deserve pleasure, only pain.

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